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Chicago Zoning Lawyers Planning for the Future of Your Business

Serving Developers, Owners and Investors in Cook and the Collar Counties

Zoning ordinances and requirements have a major effect on businesses throughout Chicago and Illinois. The expansion of a business and its operations is a critical time period for many, and zoning requirements can present a serious obstacle. Skilled attorneys can smooth the process and anticipate problems before they arise.

The law offices of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law serves the needs of businesses and landowners in Chicago and the surrounding area. The firm’s attorneys work closely with clients to ensure that the needs of their business or property are fully met in an efficient and timely manner.

There are many concerns facing businesses with zoning needs

Zoning and land use laws are created at the municipal level of government, and can have complex implications for commercial property owners. Many businesses typically have needs related to:

  • Variances — Variances, sometimes called administrative adjustments, are permission from the zoning authorities to deviate from local requirements. These variances are often needed for lot area, building height, parking requirements, wireless communications and ground-floor commercial space requirements.
  • Special uses — The Zoning Board of Appeals may determine on a case-by-case basis whether the purpose a building or piece of real property is being used for qualifies as a “special use” that is excepted from zoning requirements. Special uses are so called because of their widely varying land use and operational characteristics.  
  • Zoning amendments — Zoning amendments are a procedural option when a particular building or piece of property is rezoned. Experienced attorneys can assist with the application process.
  • Public entitlements — Some businesses and individuals may qualify for public programs designed to benefit the community. Do not miss out on opportunities for your business to benefit.

There are many potential issues that arise with respect to zoning and businesses. A real estate lawyer familiar with the zoning process and complicated zoning codes in Chicago can protect your business from potential pitfalls.

A firm experienced at handling matters before the Zoning Board of Appeals

The Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals is five-member body that hears appeals from any order or requirement of Chicago’s Zoning Administrator. The board also considers Special Use and Variance applications. Hearings before the board can resemble a court hearing, including presenting a case, cross-examining witnesses and testifying by opponents. Witnesses may be required to swear an oath. The attorneys of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law have appeared before numerous zoning boards and can safeguard your rights and interests during the process.

Contact an law firm experienced with zoning issues in Chicago, IL

Do not trust the future of your business or property to a law firm unfamiliar with zoning law. The attorneys of the law offices of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law have more than 100 years of combined experience focused on zoning law and related issues. Contact them at 312.782.9351 or online to schedule an appointment.