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Chicago Condemnation Attorneys Protect the Rights of Clients

Your investment needs experienced legal guidance

Purchasing or managing land and property has a number of potential pitfalls, among them the possibility that the property may be condemned. Condemnation is typically governed by municipal law in Chicago and the surrounding community, and codes that govern property are constantly changing. Errors in inspection, licensing or assessment can result in your property being unnecessarily condemned.

The law offices of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law is a firm focused on supporting Chicago’s business community and its real estate and zoning needs. Our firm can aid property owners facing inspection and condemnation problems.

Assisting clients with city inspections

Generally, Chicago has several primary types of inspections that building owners should be aware of:

  • Permits — Business permits for new businesses often require a physical inspection of the premises to ensure it complies with building code. Businesses with existing permits often require follow-up inspections every year, or in some cases, quarterly.
  • Business Licenses — Businesses seeking new licenses for different ventures may require additional inspections as well as separate legal requirements.
  • Complaints — Any commercial real estate or business open to the public should anticipate the possibility of a complaint regarding the premises.

Ensuring your property meets inspection requirements and has any necessary variances prevents potential fines or shutdowns.

There are many sources of potential problems

Zoning ordinances and other local laws provide a multitude of requirements businesses must comply with. Chicago is no exception. Failure to meet seemingly minor requirements can result in costly fines and other penalties. Common causes of condemnation include:

  • Public health —The public health code is immense, and there are numerous provisions that could result in the building being condemned. If the structural build-out is unfinished at inspection time, hot water or refrigeration do not meet specified guidelines, or unsealed gaps exist in walls or piping, the city can shutter the establishment.
  • Structural flaws — If a property has structural defects, proper locking devices or even if you fail to have plans with a stamp of approval on site during construction, the city can condemn the a project.
  • Environmental concerns — Commercial property often requires permits that can be costly and confusing to obtain. As well, a site that is under construction or being renovated must meet certain standards or be subject to closure.  
  • ADA non-compliance —The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that public buildings be able to accommodate people who are differently abled. If a facility does not have requisite parking, ramps or its interior is not ADA compliant, the property owner may be financially liable.

The experienced attorneys of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law can handle the legal and regulatory requirements that follow citations or condemnation of business property or commercial real estate.  

Contact our Chicago office to find out about legal options following a failed inspection or condemnation

The law offices of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law works with businesses in Chicago and the Collar Counties to see that their property and regulatory needs are met. The attorneys have focused their practice on ensuring that the zoning, inspection and other municipal ordinance requirements for commercial property are fulfilled. For a consultation about their services, call 312.782.9351 or contact them online.