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A firm handling your business real estate needs

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Legal Assistance With Real Estate Law in Chicago, IL

Dedicated to commercial real estate matters and multiple property owners in Cook and the Collar Counties

Property and real estate matters are an important aspect of any business, and managing their legal requirements needs dedication and efficiency. Zoning, land use and real estate taxation require extensive familiarity with local, state and federal law. A business with multiple properties or involved in commercial real estate needs counsel dedicated to those legal needs.

For more than half a century, Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law has served the needs of businesses throughout Chicago and the collar counties. Gordon & Pikarski is a boutique practice focused on resolving the issues that face commercial and multiple property owners.

Real estate taxation and real estate legal services under one roof

The purchase, sale or lease of any property is a serious commitment that requires time and money. Properly drafted purchase and sale contracts can reduce the risk of disputes and unforeseen problems between parties. Although the acquisition of property can be arduous, addressing its annual tax requirements can be equally complicated. Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law offers real estate taxation practice under one roof, and its attorneys are well versed at representing clients before the Assessor level, the Board of Review, the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board or other state courts.

Attorneys dedicated to real estate, zoning and tax solutions for businesses

Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law offers services in a range of areas within commercial real estate, bundling niche practice areas under one roof. Their firm’s focus includes:

  • Zoning — Zoning laws vary by municipality, and contain numerous pitfalls that can ensnare unsuspecting property owners with unfamiliar requirements and regulations. A lawyer dedicated to this niche area of law can help avoid problems before they become costly headaches.
  • Land use — Chicago and many of the surrounding communities have specific land use policies that can greatly affect industrial and residential areas. Every property owner should be aware of the requirements and how they are affected.
  • Condemnation — There are many ways property may be condemned. Eminent domain also creates the possibility that property may suddenly be seized by municipal government without warning. An experienced attorney can help owners avoid unforeseen pitfalls.
  • Real estate — The sale, purchase or commercial lease of real estate or condominiums is expensive and potentially complicated. Business and individuals involved in real estate need adequate legal protection to avoid liability and receive fair market value for their investment.
  • Real estate taxation law — Tax law is a practice area that necessitates focus on ever changing tax regulations. The attorneys of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law are familiar with property tax codes throughout Cook and the collar counties, and have represented clients in all stages of appealing a real estate tax decision.

It is critical for businesses and individuals to be aware of their rights and responsibilities before becoming involved in any transaction or dealing with a government body for any matter. An experienced real estate lawyer guides clients through the process and minimizes risk.

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Every investment should have the highest level of legal protection. Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law works with commercial real estate owners and purchasers to help them minimize liability and simplify the transaction process. To schedule an appointment, contact their Chicago office at 312.782.9351 or online.