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Chicago Real Estate Lawyers Help Protect the Investment of Their Clients

Veteran property law attorneys serving Cook and the Collar Counties

Real estate is a major long-term investment, and its purchase or sale needs strong protections against unnecessary risk or liability. A flawed transaction can leave a party open to costly litigation, fines and other costs. An experienced legal team works to minimize the risk to clients and reduce potential exposure so business moves forward without interference.

The law offices of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law is a boutique legal practice focused on real estate and related transactions in Chicago and the Collar Counties. Their attorneys have decades of experience working with businesses and individual clients to ensure that they receive adequate legal protection during the purchase or sale of property.

A properly drafted purchase and sale agreement is essential

Much can hinge on the precise wording of a purchase and sale agreement. People entering a transaction should have a contract narrowly tailored to their interests. A properly drawn agreement should consider factors such as:

  • Representations and warranties
  • Condemnation or casualty considerations
  • Environmental and regulatory costs
  • Potential tax consequences
  • Release of claims
  • Subletting requirements
  • Hazardous materials and removal costs
  • Choice of law considerations
  • Existing mortgages

There are many other considerations that are part of the sale process. Ensuring that your position is adequately protected can be a painstaking and lengthy process. The attorneys of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law have more than 100 years of combined experienced preparing purchase and sale agreements. Rely on their knowledge when entering a transaction.

Commercial leasing can be critical to new and expanding businesses

Renting office or workspace for your business is a significant undertaking, and finding adequate terms requires a strong advocate for your position. A commercial lease should take into account:

  • Square footage
  • Common area maintenance
  • Potential build-out
  • Subletting
  • Security

Zoning and land use can also present certain considerations. Other issues include whether a lessor must contribute to property taxes or the insurance of the property owner. A property tax lawyer works in conjunction with a broker or other agent during negotiations for a lease.

Working with condominium owners and tenants

Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law offers services to condominium owners, developers and tenants throughout Chicago and the surrounding area. Those seeking to invest in condos must be aware of Chapter 13-72 of the Municipal Code of Chicago, the city’s Condominium Ordinance. The law makes key changes to consumer protections, including disclosure, sale and tenant rights. A veteran property lawyer can explain the law and what it means to you.

Speak with an experienced Illinois real estate lawyer

The law offices of Gordon & Pikarski Attorneys at Law focuses on the business needs of real estate and related topics in Chicago and the rest of Illinois. Before investing or deciding to expand your business, make sure that you know how ordinances and regulations may affect your bottom line. To speak with an experienced Chicago real estate attorney, call 312.782.9351 or schedule an appointment online.