Land Use refers to the ability of municipal, state and federal bodies to regulate the enjoyment of both publicly and privately held real property. Public control of land use has a history dating back to the Romans. It has been used throughout history as a means to restrict property in a consistent and reliable fashion.

Currently, Land Use describes a wide range of government impositions on land. The impositions may include the actual use of land but can range from simple yard disagreements to federal constitutional matters. Both Zoning and Condemnation Law are subsets of Land Use Law.

Gordon & Pikarski attorneys have over 50 years of experience in the practice of Land Use Law. We have represented clients in receiving permission for use of property for corporate, manufacturing, industrial, residential and farming purposes.

Zoning Law refers to the compartmentalization of compatible land uses into districts. Zoning Law principally deals with the government regulation of the use, bulk and density of structures on land in a particular district. Examples of regulation include restrictions on uses, yard sizes, building heights and building floor area.

Gordon and Pikarski is recognized as preeminent counsel in the State of Illinois regarding Zoning Law. We are consistently among the most active firms in representing clients in Chicago and the suburbs. Gordon and Pikarski has been recognized as being among the “Big 6” of zoning firms in the State of Illinois by the Chicago Tribune.


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